A message from the Oasis @ Rivergate (SARC) manager

As the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) manager it’s my responsibility to oversee the day-to-day running of the centre and ensure victims have the right care and support.

My team are experienced in providing help and assistance to men, women and children who have been raped or sexually assaulted. We appreciate how difficult it is for people to come forward and talk about their experiences. However we provide a safe space to talk about what has happened and access to support.

I have previously worked as a Crisis worker and I also work as a Volunteer Support Worker for Peterborough Rape Crisis, so therefore have experience of providing support for victims of rape or sexual assault.

Everyone who takes that brave step to come to us does so in confidence and they have the option as to whether or not to report their incident to police.  This confidentiality would only ever be broken if we believed someone was at risk of harm and in that case we would always try to talk to the person concerned in the first instance.

Often people are worried about what will happen when they visit the centre and this very much depends on the wishes of the individual. The first step is to take some basic details and then provide information on the options available in terms of help and support. This is all focused on the individual and what are the best choices for them.  This includes a range of options:

  • Reporting the incident to the police
  • Not reporting the incident to the police but having a medical examination and samples taken and stored in case the people change their minds, although this has to be done within seven days
  • Report the incident to police anonymously
  • Be referred for counselling
  • Talk to SARC staff and take the matter no further

Once someone makes a decision about how they what they would like to do we will provide them with support. The individual is always in control of what happens next.

Rachel SARC Manager

For more information about the team and the support we provide visit

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