My first shift as a Special constable

I have recently graduated as a Special constable within Cambridgeshire Constabulary. After graduating I was keen to get started and booked on to my first shift. I was both excited and nervous about putting my training into practice and seeing what events my first shift would bring. I had a huge sense of pride when I put my uniform on that morning.

During my first shift every call that we attended was different and I got to see first-hand just how important the role of a Special was to my colleague and also to the public.

Later on that morning we provided back-up to officers in Huntingdon who had arrested a woman for grievous bodily harm during a domestic. I got to see the process for booking someone in to custody.

We attended a call at the showground where the Equifest (Horse show) was taking place. Two rival families were accusing each other of criminal damage.

I got to use my training and helped to diffuse the situation talking and giving suitable options. Eventually the ‘accused’ packed up their things and left the event early.

There is so much that we dealt with during the day but the thing that stuck in my mind involved concerns for a missing person. We were met at the scene by the gentleman’s uncle who explained that his nephew hadn’t turned up to work and wasn’t answering his phone or his door.

The gentleman explained that this was unusual and his nephew had been prone to suffer from seizures.

Upon investigation it was clear that the lights were on inside the property and the television could be clearly heard through the door. After knocking on the door and gaining no response we decided to call for a car that had an enforcer on board.

Shortly after doing so firearms officers arrived and forced entry with the enforcer. On gaining entry we found the male slumped on his sofa, he was unresponsive and not breathing.

We immediately performed CPR on the gentleman and an ambulance was called.

The ambulance crew took over the CPR and managed to find a faint pulse. Again I used my communications skills to calm the gentleman down and keep him informed of what was going on. It was important I was sensitive to him and the situation.

My first shift as a Special constable was both challenging and exciting, it goes to show that the role of the police is extremely varied and you never know what situation you may have to deal with. The training really helped but now I am learning form actually doing the job.

If you want to know more about becoming a Special visit


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