A message from East Anglian Air Ambulance on bike safety

Hi All,

East Anglian Air Ambulance and Cambridgeshire Constabulary have worked together to come up with a set of safety tips to help raise awareness of cycle safety.

Did you know that more than 18,000 people cycle to work in Cambridge?  People are choosing to use their bikes more and the trend is increasing across East Anglia.

We all need to work together, extra cyclists mean that staying safe and being visible is more important when out on the roads.

Tips for cycle safety 

  • Watch out for cars and lorries with blind spots

http://bicyclesafe.com states that ‘your number one goal should be to avoid getting hit by a car.’ Although it seems obvious, sharing the road with other road users can be difficult for both cyclists and car users alike.

There are many small roads that aren’t always visible until the last moment, so if you are in an area where cars may pull out, slow down and give yourself enough time to stop. Always expect the unexpected.

  • Get a headlight

You may not think that you ride at night but as the days get shorter and it starts to get darker as we are all leaving work, your journeys may become more dangerous.

It is important to make yourself visible to everyone else on the road and being seen in the dark with a headlight is one of the safest ways to do this. Don’t’ worry about fashion, your safety is more important!

  • Look after your bike

Just like a car, your bike needs looking after. Before you set off on a journey check your tyres for any damage and that the tyres are fully inflated.

Your brakes are the most important thing on a bike so make sure they are in full working order, especially as the weather gets wetter.

  • Invest in a helmet

The most important piece of cycling kit is often forgotten when trying to look stylish on a bike. A helmet is vital and could save your life so it is essential to wear one.

Invest in a good quality helmet that fits you properly, if the helmet doesn’t fit it won’t offer you the right protection.

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For more information visit http://www.cambs.police.uk/roadsafety/staysafe.asp

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