What to do if a sexual picture falls into the wrong hands…

This week our cybercrime prevention campaign has been focusing on protecting young people from cyber bullying and educating them on internet safety, specifically around ‘sexting’ and sharing sexual images. It’s really important they are provided with support and know what to do if they lose control of a sexual image, so please help to pass this information on by sharing this post.

It’s never too late to get help, young people can:

  • Talk to a counsellor at ChildLine on 0800 111 or at online. ChildLine will also work with the Internet Watch Foundation to notify sites hosting images to have them removed.
  • If young people are being harassed, threatened or blackmailed because of a sexual image they can report to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre via the CEOP report form here.
  • If images end up on a site they can often report to the sites where they have been shared. Find out how to report to some popular sites in the ‘Help’ sections of the Thinkuknow for 11-13s and Thinkuknow for 14+ sites.

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