Who calls the shots?

Hi there,One-punch-poster---jpg

As we approach the holiday season it’s likely that at some point we’ll be getting into the festive spirit with a quiet drink down the local pub, the office Christmas party or a night out with friends.

While some may not remember everything the next morning, it’s important we all remember this message – a drunken brawl in the street or a pub could change your life forever.

Whether it’s a lengthy prison sentence as the instigator or life-changing injuries as the victim, the consequences of alcohol-fuelled violence continue long after the effects of the booze have worn off.

Victims of drunken assaults can suffer horrendous injuries, from glass attacks which can be fatal or result in permanent scarring to the face, to sustained beatings even after a victim has been knocked unconscious.

You are more likely to get involved in a fight while under the influence of alcohol as you are not fully in control of your actions or aware of your surroundings and other people, but just remember, one punch could result in the death or serious injury to the victim.

If you are thinking of heading out on a drinking session, we’re asking you to think very hard about the potential consequences of losing your temper – don’t risk waking up in a hospital bed or a prison cell, don’t let alcohol call the shots.

Just remember, one punch could shatter your world.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas,
PC Grahame Robinson,
Peterborough Licensing Officer

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