Gracie’s story – read her child sexual exploitation ordeal.


My name is Gracie and this is my story. If you think this will help someone you know please share my message.

I was born in central Africa and had a happy childhood. My family had a farming business and we lived comfortably in the suburbs of a town. I went to school every day and loved my education.

My life was shattered when I was 11, my family was killed by rebels and neighbours in the local community took me in. Eventually an older man, claiming to be a friend of my family came to visit.

He said it wasn’t safe for me to stay there and said he’d look after me. He took me out of my country by road to a neighbouring country.

He left me in a house with lots of other women where I was made to have sex with older men. Sometimes it was three or four men a day.

I was scared and didn’t know where I was. When I was 12 years old I got pregnant, and taken for an abortion. It left me with abdominal problems which I still live with today.

After the abortion I was sent back to the brothel. When I had healed I was made to have sex with the men again.

I’d lived in the brothel for two years when a man called Abasi took me away. We travelled on a plane to London.

Abasi took me to a city, where I was locked in a room, in a brothel. Men would come for parties and would rape us. There were lots of other girls living there from all over the world.

We were locked in our rooms during the day and made to bag up quantities of drugs. In the evenings, men came for the drugs and forced us to have sex with them. I tried to run away once and was caught and brought back.

The guard beat me really badly in front of the other girls and I was told if I did it again, he would kill me.

I was sexually assaulted and physically abused there for a year before I managed to escape. During one of the parties I saw an open door and ran for it.

I managed to come to London and was told I should try and claim asylum. The immigration officials took my fingerprints and matched them to the passport I had been given, to enter the country. They believed I was 22 years old rather than 15.

I was placed in temporary immigration accommodation and then arrested by the police for document forgery.

The police charged me and sent me to an adult women’s prison. Staff recognised I was a child and arranged for me to have a solicitor, I was released to a hostel for adult women who have been victims of sexual exploitation.

I was introduced to the NSPCC’s Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC), who have been an amazing support.


Case study provided by the NSPCC.  Names have been changed to protect identity

More information can be found by visiting:

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