Supporting people affected by domestic abuse

My name is Kim and I work for the Victims’ Hub in Cambridgeshire.

I’ve been passionate about supporting victims of crime for a long time. I enjoy many things about my role at the Victims’ Hub, but the main thing is the feeling I get when we receive feedback from people about the impact the service has had on them. The feedback that we have received to date has been phenomenal and knowing I am part of that makes me feel very proud.

The Hub provides support to people affected by domestic abuse who have been classed as medium risk. People receive support within 24 hours of an incident occurring.

Being able to support people affected by domestic abuse is very rewarding. When we first make contact with people they are often at their lowest point and need intensive support. The Victim Care Coordinators (VCC) are dedicated and passionate about supporting people affected by crime and will do all they can to ensure they are supported in the best possible way.

People affected by domestic abuse need to feel supported and that they are believed as the criminal justice process can be gruelling. The Hub is a confidential service and this gives people an opportunity to discuss matters that they may not have even told to their closest friends or family. The Hub is able to access a wide range of support services from housing through to specialist counselling.

Recently we’ve been supporting a lady affected by domestic abuse who was very scared and emotional after the incident. I’m pleased that we have been able to support her through what is a very difficult time. She has been appointed a VCC who maintains weekly contact whilst the investigation is ongoing. We have also arranged for a volunteer from Women’s Aid to visit her to provide specialist support.

I believe the role of the Hub is pivotal in helping victims across Cambridgeshire cope and recover from their experiences of crime. I feel very lucky to be part of this.

For more information on the support available to people affected by domestic abuse, click here.

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