Ride safe, stay safe

slide 3PC Simon Burgin, Road Policing Unit

I have been riding motorbikes for the past 24 years and been a traffic officer for 13 years. I’m extremely passionate about bikes and well aware of that feeling you get every time you are on board. They are a fantastic mode of transport but although motorbikes represent only 1.7% of road users, motorcyclists remain one of the most vulnerable motorists.

Sadly, on too many occasions, I have witnessed first-hand the tragic consequences of poor riding or driving and seen families and friends deal with the devastating aftermath.

We want people to enjoy the road and understand the enjoyment riders get from their motorbike but it is vital people take responsibility for their own safety, because what we are trying to do is save lives.

Why not come and see us or join in one of our events:

Motorcycle News Show – Peterborough (May 16 -17) –  http://www.peterborougharena.com/events/mcn-festival-of-motorcycling-may-2015/

National Ride to Work Day (June 15).  A fully escorted ride through the heart of Cambridge city, starting at 8am from Lazy Days Cafe – http://ridetoworkweek.co.uk/join-the-cambridgeshire-bikesafe-ride-out/

Meldreth Manor Bike Show (June 17) – http://www.roystonmotorcycleclub.co.uk/page36.html

The next Bikesafe course (June 20) – http://www.bikesafe.co.uk

Around 47 per cent of motorcyclists end up in a crash on their own and there is a number of ways riders can reduce the chances of this happening. One of the most dangerous places riders face is junctions. So when approaching a junction always:

– Slow down, do not presume you have been seen.slide 7

– Move over to avoid any hazards.

slide 10You also need to extra care at bends by always:

– Being in the best position for visibility.

– Staying close to the line so you can see further.

Some more general safety tips that will help you protect yourself on the road are:

– Always have your headlight on.

– Be seen, be visible. People wearing reflective clothing are 47 per cent less likely to be involved in a collision.

– Stay alert

And please remember – ride safe, stay safe.

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