Inspector Paul Rogerson, Force Lead for Police Service Volunteers, explains the vital contribution they make to the Constabulary.

Police service volunteers (PSVs) are members of the public that work in nearly every area of the Constabulary, they don’t wear uniforms and unlike Special Constables don’t patrol or have warranted powers.

Volunteers are appointed following a written application, interview and vetting checks.

We now have almost 100 people who have offered to be PSVs. Our PSVs are very much part of our wider police family which includes watch schemes, Special Constables, Force Chaplains, Cadets, our Victims’ Hub and Custody visitors.

They cover extremely diverse roles: we have PSVs working in our Child and Domestic abuse investigation units helping officers’ conduct research; we also have volunteers who help us search for stolen property at car boot sales, online and in second hand shops.

PSVs help our teams with administration and some tasks we can’t always undertake when prioritising the most important kinds of crimes and incidents to respond to.

PSVs are helping to keep uniform police officers out on the beat and our detectives free to investigate the most serious crimes.

Other examples of work undertaken by PSVs are liaising with different communities, organising meetings, working in the high tech crime unit, manning CCTV cameras, viewing pre-recorded CCTV and working with young people.

Having volunteers working with us is also a great way of allowing to public to influence how we work. It also means we have an opportunity to be more transparent as the public can see first-hand how we work.

People have many different motivations for wanting to be a PSV. Some of our volunteers have worked in the private sector all their lives and now want to undertake some public service. Others are looking to broaden skills, undertaken research or have aspirations to work with the police in the future.

I am truly overwhelmed some times by how much time our volunteers give and the amazing range of skills they bring to the service we deliver to the public. I genuinely want to thank all our volunteers for the work they do for their communities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer call 101 and ask to speak with your local police team volunteer co-ordinator.


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