Force Speed Watch coordinator Brian Robins explains just what the scheme is and how it works

Cambridgeshire Speed Watch was set up in 2007 with a vision to improve road safety in towns and villages across Cambridgeshire. The scheme has grown significantly with close to five hundred speed watch members that run speed monitoring sessions in almost every corner of the county. The scheme is supported by a county co-ordinator, and three area co-ordinators.

The scheme relies on teams of speed watch members (volunteer members of the public), who give up their time to monitor the speed of traffic through their communities. Using equipment provided either by Parish councils by the Police, teams identify speeding motorists and alert the Police. Educational letters are sent to motorists, and Police will talk directly to divers who are identified by the teams on a regular basis.

The success of Speed Watch is testament to the work of community volunteers. Road safety is a really important to our communities – and it’s right that we allow some way for volunteers to be part of making our towns and villages safer. The information provided by Speed Watch teams is making a real difference to how we tackle speeding.

Recently the teams’ remit has expanded, with three new police support volunteers are preparing to help set up and maintain traffic survey equipment. This equipment is provided by the Police to gather traffic speed and volume data to help inform the Police and County where to deploy safety camera vans.

If you are interested in becoming a speed watch member email

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