Neighbourhood Watch coordinator Polly Wilderspin explains the work behind the iconic logo

Neighbourhood Watch comprises of people who actively care about the environment in which they and their neighbours live and who set out to make a positive difference.

By working in an active partnership with their local Constabulary and other statuary agencies, an engagement frame work is created through which the community is empowered to make that difference.

As a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator I enjoy seeing my community working together, speaking to one another about what is happening around them in a constructive manner, with actions being taken when needed. It is reassuring to know what to do and what to say in any given scenario.

This gives me a confidence in my everyday life. I have had great pleasure in seeing local matters resolved and in being a party to actions that have seen the more vulnerable supported. It is really good to be part of a supportive and well informed organisation that really does make a difference. It is also good to feel that the community and the Constabulary are working in an active partnership and to be part of that on a day to day basis.

In order that this can be effectively achieved Neighbourhood Watch has a clear county leadership structure.

At street level it comprises Street Coordinators who liaise with street members, membership being free. Street Coordinators are police checked and are a locally trusted person. We receive police messages that are targeted to our areas. We encourage the public to respond to police information given out, that we might assist in detection of crime. We encourage the community to be alert as to suspicious activities and empower them to be confident in how they then deal with this information.

Street Coordinators encourage neighbours to be observant to those in possible need of support and provide guidance as to how they may facilitate action. Most communication is through electronic means. It actually does not take a great deal of time.

This working relationship has produced a mutual trust and respect between the public and the Constabulary. Upon this, much is being achieved. Neighbourhood Watch works!

For further information as to how to make a difference in your own community, please see  or contact me at



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