Victims’ Hub volunteer Blog

My name is Kerry and I am 44 years old.

I have been volunteering since my daughter was born, 14 years ago. I began when my daughter started playgroup offering to look after the children, which then lead to me becoming secretary, then chairperson for the nursery.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving my time helping others, which followed through to my daughter’s primary school: helping in the classroom, school trips and organising events to raise money etc.

Alongside the school I joined a committee for a charity called ‘Make a Wish’ which helps grant a wish to terminally ill children.

When my daughter joined secondary school my circumstances changed and I decided to look for a new volunteer role in the police. I originally joined the serious crime unit as a telephone contact co-ordinator, which I did for four months but my real passion is dealing with people face to face. The Victims’ Hub role came up and I moved across to this role in March this year.

The training for this role was ‘five-star’. The people in the Hub were extremely welcoming and supportive. The people I met on the training course were lovely and we have become good friends and a strong supportive team. The role is flexible and varied which makes the job interesting and challenging.

I have visited a child who was very withdrawn on the initial contact, but by the end of the session she really opened up. As a result, the issues the child and mother were facing resolved without further contact needed. I spoke to them a couple of weeks later and they both seemed very happy: they were able to talk through their problems and get things off their chest to a stranger they could trust.

I see the Victims’ Hub as a key support network to not only the victim but also the police force. I have recommend this volunteer job to many of my friends and family as it is lovely to give a few hours of your time to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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