Special Constable Jenny Sands


My name is Jenny Sands, I am 48 years old and have been a Special Constable in Cambridgeshire since September 2014.

I am based at Huntingdon police station and have worked alongside my regular colleagues dealing with various incidents such as domestics, arresting a shoplifter, working alongside the firearms team for a suspicious person with a gun, taking statements from witnesses to a crime.

Being a ‘career Special’ I have had the opportunity to look at other departments and I am currently looking to apply to work in the roads policing unit. I have completed several duties which include road traffic collisions, broken down vehicles, and motoring offences.

My day job is also with Cambridgeshire police as an ICT/Law trainer.  I have worked in Cambridgeshire Constabulary since 2001, transferring from Hertfordshire Constabulary where I had a varied career since 1987.

My roles included Force Control Room, ICT Trainer, Special Constabulary, Police Constable and Divisional Control Room Operator.

Since joining Cambridgeshire I have continued my career by starting in the Force Control and then transferring to the Learning and Development Team in 2004. My portfolio has included ICT Training, and Law Training.

I am responsible for various areas of delivery including Police Community Support Officers, OSPRE promotion examinations, the police academy at Cambridge Regional College and Initial training of Special Constables.

When I was given the portfolio of specials I felt I needed to keep myself up to date with current policing, and this coincided with my having more spare personal time so I decided to re-join the police as a special. I was able to give something back to the community but supporting my fulltime colleagues which means another officer boosting the numbers of visible policing which leads to reassuring the public. It also helps me in the delivery of training to new officers.

I am also a single parent and enjoy spending times with my daughter, and I also find time to go the gym once a week to keep my fitness up. I like spending time with my friends and family and I have a good balance of fitting in my volunteer duties around my family, friends and work.

Being a Special can be challenging at times but it is so exciting, you never know what incident you will be sent to and how you will be able to deal with it. I am always learning something new and feel proud of what I can and have achieved. It has broaden my skills especially in communicating with people, and my written skills.  I have felt very welcomed by my full time and special colleagues and you always are a welcome face to the team. 

Find out more about becoming a Special at www.cambs.police.uk/recruitment/specials





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