Reverend Brenda Stewart, Police Chaplain, gives an insight into her role:

“Chaplaincy to People at Work” provide the chaplaincy service for Cambridgeshire Constabulary. The basic remit of the chaplaincy is to provide safe, independent, confidential support and understanding to all members of staff, whether or not they have a defined religious belief.

Reverend Dorothy Peyton Jones is the co-ordinating chaplain across the force. Twelve other volunteers have been appointed from the different faith communities, who visit their local stations regularly, getting to know staff and building relationships of friendship and trust.

The Chaplains provide independent and experienced support to our staff. Police work on the front line and behind the scenes can be stressful and at times distressing, Dorothy and her team are always on hand to listen and help us work through problems.

Reverend Brenda Stewart, Police Chaplain, gives an insight into her role:

I’ve been a volunteer Police Chaplain with Cambridgeshire Constabulary since autumn 2009. My day job is as parish priest of seven rural parishes and for me St Ives Police Station is like my eighth parish. Over the years I have popped in to the station most weeks and the police officers and PCSOs who are based there have become like my mates.

We catch up on news, I hear about their families, we put the world to rights and, on occasion, they tell me off for working too hard. Like in ministry, a lot of what they have to do is about supporting others but stuff is still going on in their lives too. And of course, when there’s a crisis and they need to talk to someone, mine might be the best ear because, although I’m there with the Constabulary’s blessing, I am not part of the system.

We’ve had good times, like the birthday party when the entire station, plus chaplain, went out for a meal together, and there have been sad times too – saddest of all the funeral of a young PCSO struck down by a brain tumour, leaving behind a wife, also a PCSO, and daughter whom I’d baptised a couple of years before. At those moments you realise that the Police service is like a family and too.

If you would like to contact your local chaplain, look for a poster with details in the your local police station or email Dorothy at

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