Jasmine’s story

Hands no wordsNSPCC worker Sonia first started working with Jasmine when she was referred to SafeCare® by social services.

Jasmine had three children but needed support looking after her toddler Amy. Jasmine was nervous to start with. She found it difficult to connect with people and had larger learning needs than most so required extra time and support.

There were lots of concerns about Amy’s safety. She would get injured a lot because Jasmine didn’t understand how to provide the right level of supervision. There wasn’t a lot of room for Amy to play because surfaces were crowded with clothing. Jasmine was providing a lot of outdated medical remedies too and Amy didn’t have enough stimulation. She would often be left in front of the TV in her pushchair for long periods of time. She didn’t even know how to smile. Sonia created space for Amy and encouraged Jasmine to keep the TV off more. They moved the furniture around too so that Amy couldn’t climb on it and hurt herself.

Sonia encouraged Jasmine to take Amy to see a pharmacist and gave Jasmine a health manual. When a serious incident occurred, Jasmine was able to respond by seeking medical attention for Amy and making changes to ensure that similar accidents didn’t happen again. Sonia taught Jasmine how to recognise expressions in Amy and by the end of the programme she was beginning to raise the corners of her mouth and starting to smile.

Sonia put Jasmine in touch with others services so that she could receive additional help and continue to receive support once the programme ended. Jasmine has come a long way. As a result of SafeCare®, Amy’s environment is now much safer for her. She is being encouraged to play and is now protected and provided with the right level of supervision. She has much more interaction with her parents than before and Jasmine has really learnt to meet her needs.

Disclaimer: Content provided with consent from the NSPCC. Names and potentially identifying details have been changed to protect identities.

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