Working for Cambridgeshire police

Detective Sergeant 1860 Amerjit Singh

I have been a serving police officer for Cambridgeshire Constabulary for almost 11 years. I was one of the first members of the Sikh faith to join the Constabulary, in its long and proud history. I worked for 3 years as a serving Police Constable in uniform duties, then joined CID thereafter in 2006. I have served as a Detective Constable in many CID departments and then got promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2009. I have been a serving DS for almost 6 years, supervising many departments such as Divisional Crime Teams, Serious Crime teams, Specialist Investigation Unit & Rape Investigation Team. I have so far found my career richly rewarding and varied in types of criminality that I have investigated. I am now looking at promotion to Detective Inspector.

I am currently the supervisor of the Public Protection Unit. This involves managing and leading a team which manage registered sex offenders and dangerous offenders. We manage the risk that these individuals pose to the community and do everything in our power to prevent re-offending. This involves visiting them on a regular basis, identifying risk factors and attending any partnership meetings linked to the risk of these individuals. It is primarily a safeguarding role, however we also actively investigate and prosecute any criminal offences involving our nominal as well as breaches of notification orders/court orders. This is a fast paced and dynamic role, where I make decisions around how individuals are managed, what actions are taken against persons who breach orders and lead the team on investigations, providing guidance and support.

I love my current role as it is challenging and makes me proud. The decisions and actions I take, can have massive implications for others. I am of a firm belief that the work my team and I undertake makes a difference in protecting the public.

I would encourage anyone to join the police. I find it motivates me to work hard working alongside dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues and it encourages me and others to support the community which we live in. The roles within the police service are diverse and engaging. Your career path is for you to define. We make a real difference to people’s lives. My faith teaches me to help others and that’s exactly what I am doing.

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