Car-key burglaries – prevention advice

Car-key burglary is not a common offence in Huntingdonshire but we have seen five incidents since September 1. Four of these were in St Neots and surrounding villages, the fifth was in Normans Cross. There is no evidence to suggest that they are linked at this time.

In four of the offences it would appear that the theft of the vehicle was not the main reason for the burglary, as other property was also targeted. Therefore, the vehicle may have been taken purely because the offenders found the keys during their search of the property and used the vehicle to remove what they had stolen.

However – with vehicles now having better security systems to prevent theft, offenders are often looking for the keys to make the offence easier for them. This is particularly the case where high performance cars are targeted to be used in other offences such as the recently reported spate of ATM thefts in the Eastern Region.

Our recent offences have been committed mainly during the daytime, but in the case of targeted high performance cars, offenders often try to enter insecure premises in the early evening when the owners have recently returned home and relaxing after a day at work.

To reduce the chance of you becoming a victim please see the following prevention advice: –

  • If you have a garage park your car in it, lock both the car and garage. Consider an electric garage door or good door security. (Google garage door security)
  • If you have to park on your drive ensure that you have good security lights. (Dusk to dawn bulkhead lights)
  • Consider fitting a drive-way alarm – this will give you an early warning if someone is on your drive.
  • Do not leave your keys in an obvious place, hide them from view so that they cannot be seen from windows or fished off hooks via letter boxes.
  • Keep all exterior house doors and windows shut and locked if no-one is in that room.
  • Ensure that your locks are of a high standard.
  • In the case of high performance cars consider having a tracker fitted and use it.

To find more security advice visit the constabulary website on Here you will find an interactive house with lots of advice and up to date British Standards, you can also complete a home security check.

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