Take a walk in the shoes of DS Dave Savill

I’ve been a police officer for 13 years now working in response, neighbourhood policing and CID. I recently moved to the Rape Investigation Team which forms part of the Public Protection Department.

We investigate current and historical reports of serious sexual offences and my team is responsible for the safeguarding of victims, collecting forensic evidence and the interview and prosecution of offenders. We work closely with partner agencies including the Crown Prosecution Service, The Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) and charities, such as Women’s Aid.

I thoroughly enjoy my role which gives me the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of people. Everyone has a real focus on supporting people through a traumatic and difficult experience and this is achieved by placing the person involved at the heart of the investigation. By working with partner agencies, we are able to support those who are the victim of a serious sexual offence. This, combined with the experience and a determination to bring offenders to justice, makes for an excellent working environment.

Here’s an insight into my day…

It’s 6.10am and time to leave the house to catch the bus to work. I use this hour to check my emails so I can catch up on anything that’s happened over night and tidy my inbox ready for the day ahead. I discover that we’ve detained someone for the offence of rape overnight and sift through other emails relating to ongoing cases and staffing matters.

I arrive at the office at about 7.15am and I’m informed that a second offender has been arrested for a pre-recorded crime, also for the offence of rape. The next hour is spent reviewing both incidents to identify outstanding tasks and setting action plans for the day.

My officers arrive for the start of their shift at 8am and we hold a morning briefing to determine plans for the day and allocation of tasks. The two prisoners are allocated to officers and separate briefings are conducted with them.

It’s 10am already and time to meet my manager to review ongoing crimes to ensure enquiries are being progressed as quickly as possible. This involves reading each crime held by the team, summarising completed work and identifying further lines of enquiry.

Lunch! Time for a quick bite while I continue reviewing crimes.

I check in with the officer dealing with the pre-recorded offence of rape at about 1pm. Safeguarding measures need to be put in place for the vulnerable victim as a result. The officer dealing with it is waiting for a solicitor and appropriate adult to be present before interviews can begin.

My other officer completes the interview for the first rape. We have a discussion around the content of the suspect interview and identify any outstanding enquiries. The suspect is bailed for six weeks to allow for the completion of these enquiries.

At 2pm I liaise with the National Crime Agency regarding the arrest of a suspect for a stranger rape offence.

I hold a one-to-one with a member of my team to discuss current workload pressures at 3pm and set objectives for the following year before meeting a fellow DS to discuss crime allocation policy within the team at Cambridge.

It’s 5pm and I begin reviewing a case in order to get some advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. Shortly after, 6pm arrives and I’m officially off duty. Time to get the bus home and have a final check of emails and catch up on outstanding tasks.

7pm Home. Goodnight!

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