PCSO Aggie Fisher talks about International Children’s Day

aggie and andy

Hello I am PCSO Aggie Fisher. I am a Polish PCSO. I work from Huntingdon Police station as a cohesion officer. My role involves providing crime prevention advice, supporting victims of crime during difficult times and encouraging people to come forward and report crime.

As a cohesion officer for Huntingdonshire I work very closely with minority groups, providing advice and support to those in need, this includes young people as a community in their own right. Many things are different in their own countries and often this means young people in our migrant communities don’t know how to access help from the police. I can help with this, and working with young people at events like International Children’s Day is a great way to ensure they understand how to ask for help.

International Children’s Day was held on June 5. It was a great opportunity for me to engage with the Eastern European communities, listening to their views and concerns, asking them what matters to people and thinking about how the local police team can respond.

I love attending this event as everyone joins together to have fun and meet the Polish community. I noticed a real enthusiasm to connect young people from all the different communities as a family of nations in the area. 

Our police presence was very much appreciated and was requested by the organiser of the event. For many Eastern European communities the police are seen in their countries to be very strict and not very approachable. We have shown that police in the UK are friendly and want to engage with the community they serve.

This event is an excellent example of community engagement and how the police and communities can work together. The focus at the event was around celebrating youth and the achievements of young people in the Polish community.  


More info at: https://www.facebook.com/visionmulti/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1171182552926014


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