Teenage communications sensation is recognised by Chief Constable


Laura Wilson, public relations apprentice, has had quite the year after winning the force’s employee of the month award in September, then the Hunts Post Apprentice of the Year award at their business awards earlier this month and now an award of recognition from the Chief Constable at last week’s chief’s commendations award night. Here she tells us about her experience at the force and what winning the award means to her.

Throughout my 15 month public relations apprenticeship I gained invaluable experience that I feel would have been impossible to build in any other organisation or business.

Along the way I wrote press releases to local newspapers and radio stations, led a two month campaign, managed the force social media accounts and created posters that were distributed around the county.

What’s more, I got to know countless amounts of new people both in and outside of the organisation. From filming the Chief Constable to liaising and meeting journalists, it was one huge rollercoaster that I never wanted to get off of.

The one thing I loved the most was never knowing what I would come into work to. Each day brought a new challenge which gave me a taste of what policing and the media is all about and there certainly was never a dull moment.

I would like to thank everyone I have worked with throughout my time as an apprentice. My biggest thank you goes to the corporate communications team for having faith in me to take on and deliver so many great projects – like the summer drink and drug drive campaign.

I will always appreciate how much they have taught me and I will never forget that they gave me the support and confidence I needed to achieve all that I did in such a short space of time.

I think it’s fantastic that the force are beginning to recruit more apprentices. It gave me the chance to kick start my career and I am thrilled to be staying on in a new role within the communications department.

I hope this will show how useful apprenticeships can be and how it can be an excellent alternative to university.

As a student 18 months ago I never would’ve thought I would have learnt so much. This award means an awful lot to me and I am hugely grateful to receive this honour.


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