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Helping victims of hate crime

We know the devastating impact hate crime can have on individuals and communities. That’s why it’s a priority for the Safer Peterborough Partnership and we have a dedicated hate crime investigations team. ​I’m one of three investigators on the team.  

The role of the hate crime officers is to:

1. Investigate crimes reported. We work with the victims and suspects to achieve a suitable outcome for crime resolution. This is not always putting people before the court. We work with the individuals and other agencies in order to get the most suitable results. This can include using restorative justice, acceptable behaviour contracts and mediation.

2. We review prejudice incidents and make contact with victims where crimes have not been raised to ensure the correct action has been taken and also to offer any additional support they may require.

3. Community engagement. When possible we visit organisations and charities to promote the hate crime team and the Victims’ Hub. This is done to raise awareness and increase confidence in reporting crimes to the police.

There are four main categories of hate crime:

• Faith/religion – Any incident which is perceived to be based on prejudice towards, or hatred of, the faith of the victim or so perceived by the victim or any other person

• Homophobic – Any incident, which is perceived to be homophobic by the victim or any other person

• Gender/gender identity – Any incident which is perceived to be transphobic by the victim or any other person.

• Disability related incident – Any incident which is perceived to be based upon prejudice towards or hatred of the victim because of their disability or perceived disability or when prejudice is perceived by the victim or any other person.

You can report hate incidents by calling 101 or visiting the force website by clicking here. If you are in immediate danger you should always dial 999.

If you feel uncomfortable about speaking to a police officer, then the True Vision website and reporting mechanism can be a good alternative. This can be accessed via If more people feel able to report hate incidents we can work to prevent further actions taking place and provide support.

Our long term aims are to build confidence and increase reporting, as well as reduce and prevent further crimes from being committed. With your help we can achieve this.

Detective Constable Sarah Morley